Family law is all we do.

You need an experienced and steady hand to guide you through the challenges you face after a relationship breaks down.

Our philosophy is simple: understand our client and provide high quality work and service.

How we can help.

We will provide you with information and expert support to help you exit a relationship and try to resolve the issues that follow at all stages, from your kitchen table discussion with your ex, a meeting with a mediator without lawyers, negotiating with your ex's lawyer, mediation with both lawyers, collaboration, preparing the information and documents to either start or respond to a case.

Rachel Slat

I am a family law specialist accredited by the Law Society of NSW. I have helped thousands of people and their children for over 25 years with property splits, child support and financial support for their ex, in cases that usually have some complexity.

My focus is to get the best outcome for my clients and provide them with the support they need at one of the most challenging times of their lives.

As a nationally accredited mediator and collaborative lawyer, my skills extend beyond advocacy in the courtroom, to helping clients find out of court solutions that are tailored for them.

Working in some of Sydney's top family law firms, I have extensive experience in cases involving forensic investigation of company accounts, concealed assets and income, as well as business valuations. I have also assisted clients in long cases marked by physical and emotional abuse of both partners and children.

My training has equipped me to provide high quality advice and carefully drafted court orders and agreements, whilst needing to be efficient with my time and my client's legal costs.

No matter how complicated or simple, every case to me is important and I will apply my experience, insight and care with commitment.

What our clients have said

"Rachel is a dynamic force of nature and the ideal lawyer to have working for you in particularly difficult situations. What I truly loved about Rachel was her intolerance for time wasters and time wasting. She would respond and take action straight away with direct, honest and valuable advice. I had used other lawyers before, but no one compared to her efficiency, depth of knowledge and unwavering confidence and commitment. I'd recommend her to anyone who wants the best." - S. Moore, property, child support and parenting court case.

"I have to say, the best bit about today, was being ensconced in that room with Rachel and the barrister at court. Tomorrow will start with no reminder of the nonsense that got me to today, and that is liberating" - B. Wright, property court case.

"Thank you so much for all your work. I can't express how thankful I am for your services in making this as seamless a transition as possible for my son and I. None of this would have been possible without your help, for which you have my gratitude." M Taing, property and parenting out of court settlement.

"Your help in my divorce/settlement proceedings has been a big factor in allowing me to navigate this difficult period and focus upon the important things. My kids are all in a happy place reaping this benefit every day. Proud Dad moment for me, but also one where your indirect contribution has been massive, for which you should also be very proud." M. Smith, property court case.

"Thank you sincerely Rachel for your kindness, help and timeliness. Deeply appreciate it". D.J, property out of court settlement.

"The past two years have been, without a doubt, the most difficult years of my life. But I'm so very grateful for the measured advice and guidance that you gave throughout this process. You made me feel supported and as in control as I possibly could be given the circumstances. Thank you so very much for all the hard work, and for your kindness." C. Hamilton, out of court settlement, property and children.


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