Experience. Insight. Care.

Family law is all we do.

You need an experienced and steady hand to guide you through the challenges you face after a relationship breaks down.

Our philosophy is simple: understand our client and provide high quality work and service.


Divorce & separation advice

We look after property splits, children, child support, spouse maintenance and documenting agreements.

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We will represent you in court, work with experts who can value businesses, real estate, and other assets, and make recommendations about what is best for your child.

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This is a method designed to keep you and your ex out of court and create a solution with the help of experts. It has a high degree of success.

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There are 3 ways we can help you with mediation: Rachel Slat can be the mediator; we can represent you at a mediation and; we can prepare you when you see a counsellor/mediator without lawyers.

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Your first meeting

Why spend hours reading and researching when you can come in for a meeting when we will give you targeted advice, tell you about your options on strategy and recommend the next steps you should take?