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Property splits

For what the court takes into account when deciding how to alter real estate, other assets, debts and superannuation, look at Section 79 (subsection 4) of the Family Law Act. Almost identical considerations apply to de facto and same sex couples. Getting a divorce will only end your marriage. It will not separate or deal with finances, or make arrangements for children.

Children & Child Support

To see what the court looks at when deciding what is in the best interests of a child, go to Section 60CC of the Family Law Act.

Child support - as a starting point to calculate what child support you might pay or receive, try the child support estimator but know that it ignores the payer's income over a capped amount and your children may in fact cost more than the estimator assumes.

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Spouse maintenance

For what the court considers when ordering one partner to pay their ex's expenses, go to Section 75 (subsection 2) of the Family Law Act.

Documenting agreements

We draft consent orders and applications, financial agreements, binding child support agreements and deeds of release. We sign the certificates of independent legal advice that go with them. If you use the collaboration process, we can assist you with pre-nups too.

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